UX Ready Estd. 2012

We are a design & development studio based in Santiago, Chile.
We make apps and websites that are delightful to use.

Our Work

Order your food online

UI/UX Design . Web Development

PedidosYa is the biggest food delivery service in Latin America. We redesigned their blogs across 4 countries - Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay

Club de Restaurantes CMR
Discounts at your favorite restaurants

Email Design . Web Development

Restofans Banco Ripley
Discounts at your favorite restaurants

UI/UX Design . Web Development

We created a platform for the customers of Banco Ripley to enjoy discounts at some of the best restaurants in Chile

Type Zebra
Test local & web fonts

UI/UX Design . Web Development

Hogar Impeque
Home cleaning for business professionals

UI/UX Design . Web Development

We designed a clean, responsive website for Hogar Impeque to help them launch their cleaning service in Santiago, Chile

Reserve Bar
Good spirits. Delivered.

Web Development

Ping Kong
Uptime monitoring for sysadmins

UI/UX Design . Web Development

We helped launch private beta of Ping Kong which is a command line application for sysadmins to monitor web services

Agenda Panda
Event schedule management from one place

UI/UX Design . Web Development

Agenda Panda is an application to create schedules and agenadas for event planners.

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